Ive never slow rolled a person in my life.
In situations where youve called a final bet, and are unsure where you stand in the hand, youre allowed, as the caller, to hide your cards and see the bettors hand first.
No less than professional poker player Mike The Mouth Matusow has said, Its the most disgusting thing you could ever.If there has been a bet to you and you hold the nuts, it is acceptable to hem and haw or pause before calling or raising.Final word Bottom line, slow rolling ultimately hurts no one more than the person who does.Definition OF slow roll IN poker.While slow rolling is unethical, there is something to be said about such an elderly man slow rolling a player, not even half his age, after the playful banter they had had earlier in the hand.Therefore, while still unacceptable (as it is still a slow roll do keep in mind that slow rolls may not always be intentional online.Most other folks, however, consider it to be a slow roll whenever a player senses he has won, and pauses, or slows, the revealing process in order to milk his win.Looking back on it its blackjack rules uk las vegas casinos true, and is sound advice for the would-be slow roller.What followed the UTGs quick fold was appalling: a full-on, despicable slow roll with an acting job nothing short of cringe-worthy by Habb sitting there with.(Go here for a discussion on when its OK to leave the table during a poker game ).In reality, the only hand that could currently beat Jack would be the unlikely pocket 6s for quads.Where a player purposefully takes a prolonged pause before revealing their winning hand (regardless of its strength) at showdown.

Theres never an acceptable time to slow roll a fellow player, for as they say, what comes around, goes around.Just as losing with grace is a crucial step to learn in poker, winning with grace is also important.In cases where youre new, (or in my case, had too many beers and not sure if youve won, its acceptable to flip your cards over and let the cards speak for themselves.Its going to be a harrowing painful experience for them to endure and doesnt do anyone any good.Losing large sums of money in a poker hand is never any fun, regardless of whether a slow roll is done or not.Essentially, it is breaking the highest form of etiquette and good manners that one can have at the poker table.Have I been unclear?If you know that theyre already going to lose, then taking your time before revealing your winner is only like rubbing salt in an open wound.He or she may be trying to make an opponent look bad, but its the slow roller who comes across as the inexperienced donkey.
For as the great Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi once said to a player reaching the end zone: Act youve been there.

After Steven tabled his 7-6 full house, Jack played dumb and said, What you got?
Always double-check your hand before getting to showdown to avoid verbally mis-declaring your hand.