Author: Ryan Wiseman, publisher: ECW Press, date: 2007, iSBN:, pages: 122.
That is, the various buy-in amounts can be viewed as a climbable ladder that helps gauge success.
More importantly, it is the only poker book poker gratis online minijuegos that guides the reader on a progressive path upward through the various limits, with only the information necessary to win with any bankroll or skill level to beat that specific low limit.
There are better sources available for information on beating these games, so I don't expect this book would be useful to a significant audience.By the time the book was published in 2006 I expect this to be much less true.Unlike other games, the book contends that SNGs have very predictable win/loss rates, can be defeated systematically, and offer an innate system of progression.From this starting point, Wiseman explains the ropes of playing online poker, the nature of sit-n-go (SNG) tournaments, the use of poker software, and similar topics.I don't doubt that at the time Wiseman wrote the book that he had achieved considerable poker success.Many of those who achieved success in this endeavor simply aren't aware of and cannot articulate a thorough list of the skills they're using to beat the game.In fact, even in the present online climate I know of winning players who are playing mostly by following a fairly small set of constraints.I've been out of touch with poker for a while.Brand new: lowest price.33.18 Shipping, get it by Mon, Apr 29 - Mon, May 27 from Fairfield, Ohio.One of these was Ryan Wiseman's Earn 30,000 Per Month Playing Online Poker, which provides a formula for beginning players to become quick winners playing online no-limit hold'em sit-n-gos.My biggest complaint with the book is that it really only outlines some of the information I think one needs to be successful in these games.The book is aimed at beginners, but it assumes that the reader possesses a basic knowledge of the mechanics of poker, hand rankings, the rules to Texas hold'em, etc.Jmbreslin, on Tuesday, April 28th, 2009, 10:35 AM, said: I picked up that book when I was looking for a SnG book but I tend to be a bit skeptical about books written by people who have absolutely no reputation in the poker world.Click here to return to the index of reviews.While I'm generally not a huge fan of formulaic approaches to poker, during the poker boom there is no doubt that it was possible to be a winning online player by following a fairly rote strategy, especially by playing SNG tournaments.But this book gives you the tools you need to win.
Colin Moshman's SnG book is quite good.

Additionally, these constraints are typically far more mathematically grounded than the advise given by Wiseman in this book.Price:.95, july 29, 2012, during the online poker boom years, there were quite a few books written about how to achieve quick success at this new enterprise.I find this to be a common defect in much of the poker literature.As with any gambling, winning is not a sure thing.Too often have poker books taken a purely theoretical approach to poker instruction.I expect, though, that this is far more difficult to do successfully now than it was in the mid 2000s.I certainly don't believe this is the case at the present time, especially in the higher limit SNGs.SNGs have very predictable durations (40-60 minutes) so the reader could effectively set aside blocks of time to play.So, who is Collin Moshman?This book is the only poker book available that caters specifically to online sit-n-go (SNG) single-table low-limit Texas Holdem tournaments.
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