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Some Head Accessories dell latitude e6410 encr card can be empowered with estrazione superenalotto 22 agosto 2017 pendants.
Different tiaras may be obtained as reward or for killing Raid Bosses.Crowns and diadems often serve to demonstrate their owner's status, like Hero's or Noblesse's diadems, or diadems for the clan owning a castle.Rideword Hat1 and, gangster Scarf are worth crafting for their functional qualities.AR Karm This silver-hued luxury hair accessory requires 2 hair accessory slots.Daisy Hairpin, hairpin with a daisy pattern.Head Accessories List, item, description.Mid-game Equipment, mora Equipment.Lady's Hairpin, hair accessory exclusive for women.Uses 1 hair accessory slot(s).This set boosts various substats, including MaxHP/SP, Variable Cast Reduction, aspd, and even adds Neutral Resistance.Item Description Beetle Hat Hat shaped like a beetle with a great horn.When you open a package, there's a chance of failure.Hairpin with a forget-me-not flower pattern.
Grasshopper Hat Hat shaped like a grasshopper with large eyes.
Recipes Item Basic price Chance of being on sale Amount available for purchase Hall Recipe: Party Mask 110,000 adena 100 1 Clan Halls in Gludin Village, Rune Township, Town of Schuttgart Recipe: Lady's Hairpin 110,000 adena 100 1 Clan Halls in Gludin Village, Town.

Contents, there are Head Accessories with limits, like for a certain race, class, character's sex, or depending on whether character's clan has any property.You can change it by adding a mask or a monocle to the appearance.It's recommended to use A coins for enchanting.Heroic Equipment These equipment are acquired from the Bios Island and Morse's Cave Instances, which require level 160 and has a Pre-requisite.Hair accessory for female characters only.The following Head Accessories can be empowered with pendants: Raccoon Ears, Cat Ears, Lady's Hairpin, Party Mask, Monocle, Maiden's Hairpin, Forget-me-not Hairpin, Daisy Hairpin, Little Angel Wings, Fairy Antennae, Chapeau, Artisan's Goggles, Arrow-pierced Apple, Romantic Chapeau, Angel Circlet, Demon Circlet, Pirate's Eyepatch, Eyepatch, Outlaw's Eyepatch.
They are available to those clan members who have the corresponding privileges.
Doram Tokens can be exchanged into Doram-exclusive accessories, and can be used to upgrade some of those accessories.