CSCds30079 While upgrading from Cisco IOS Release.1(2)T.1(3a)T-3640- is mz over ATM voice transmission does not work.
CSCds76981 The Bantam Jack test port on a Cisco AS5400 series universal access server with a CT3 adapter test port does not function properly.
The BGP protocol is not enabled by default, and must be configured in order to accept traffic from an explicitly defined peer.However, as the traffic exceeds the contracted rate, policing and pqcbwfq restricts traffic to the CIR well below the line rate to allow for framing overhead but the output queue still fills, causing packet loss and delay, with throughput much less than the CIR.CSCdr74032 Service-policy with class-map matching on an Access Control List (ACL) does not work after reload.OpenSSL License: Copyright The OpenSSL Project.Workaround: The native vlan keyword functions properly when the packets are process switched.The normal course of action would be for the router to fragment that packet into two casino wien jobs or more pieces and send each one.CSCds57063 The network access server (NAS) receives the following error: *Oct 25 07:34:10.203: isdn-4-isdn_unexpected_event: isdn_callback_from_rm: no e ntry: Occurred./isdn/isdnintrfc.This situation does not affect traffic generated by the Cisco router, a non-RBE interface configured as an ingress interface.This section explains the product documentation resources that Cisco offers.CSCds40865 When path maximum transmittable unit (pMTU) is enabled by end stations, the router advertises the incorrect next-hop maximum transmission unit (MTU) value in the Internet Control Message Protocol (icmp) fragmentation needed.CSCds66676 A Cisco AS5300 series universal access server with an originating gateway running Cisco IOS Release.1(4.4)T2 using pa3 images may experience a software-forced reload.This problem does not occur with Cisco IOS Release.0(5)T.CSCds04307 The.245 control channel is opened with the keep alive mode option set for the TCP socket used.Workaround: Use different RDs.Processing of IPv4 packets is enabled by default.CSCds32217 Multiple Cisco IOS software and CatOS software releases contain several independent but related vulnerabilities involving the unexpected creation and exposure of snmp community strings.
Incoming packets into the Multilink interface are not forwarded and a condition occurs within the switching path.
For example, if two 2-port FXO cards are on the MRP, plug in a pvdm-8 or higher (pvdm with 2 or more DSPs) in slot.

Example: router# show run!CSCds21102 The Cisco router does not correctly dequeue Internet Group Management Protocol (igmp) v3lite packets.On the m home page, click the Advanced Search link under the Search box and then click the Technical lotería 5 noviembre 089 Support button.CSCdr64338 When a Cisco router that is running Cisco IOS Release.1(3)T and Resource Reservation Protocol (rsvp) receives an rsvp Reserve (resv) message that increases an existing reservation and the corresponding weighted fair queuing (WFQ) or ATM resources are not available, the router reloads.CSCds22646 A Cisco voice gateway using a TCL IVR.0 application may fail to collect digits when a no audio prompt has previously been played.Workaround: Enable fewer interfaces with cbwfq.This spurious access occurs at hqf_get_policymap.To access the Product Alert Tool, you must be a registered m user.and other features such as digit stripping are missing for voice features on the following Cisco products: 1700, 3600, 2600, 7200, and 7500 series routers; MC3810 multiservice access concentrators; and the AS5300 and AS5800 access servers.A Cisco router reports a disconnect cause 102 (recovery on timer expiry).Issuing the show call active voice command will show that there are active call records for the IP call leg, even though there is no active call.

If an error appears at the decompressor when you use Voice over IP over Frame Relay (VoIPoFR) and fast switching or Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) switching, all subsequent packets in the flow are dropped and voice connection is never regained.