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Taking Advantage of Your Table Image.
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You tend to raise aggressively when you perceive yourself to be ahead, you tend to only chase when you have the pot odds or can bingo callers cheat the implied odds to do so, and when you dont have those odds, and when youre behind, you fold.The correct answer is 100; juegos de cartas strip poker gratis thats 10 table images for each of ten players including his or her own self image.Heres another example of your opponents table image affecting your play.You initiated the bet or raised every single time after the flop getting your opponents to fold.Because i really love this phone.What matters is what your image is now.Generally speaking, your image at the table will depend on your recent history of action.
More often than normal for you, you found yourself in a position to raise pre-flop.

In its simplest form you can reduce it to a word.Think about how a player, knowing nothing about you, would view your play based on what they have seen lately.On the other hand, if he has a particularly strong image you might want to raise right away.The river doesnt make your flush but it makes a straight possible: Figure 1, you have nothing.This is a difficult step for many poker players caught up as they are in how theyd like to look.On the other hand, if your image of your opponent was of a wild and loose player, with that same weak Ace you might want to call or even raise (depending on what you thought his image of you was).If you have a weak Ace your best option is probably to fold.You and your opponent each have fairly large stacks.Given your recent history at the table, they are most likely to view you as a maniac someone who raises with little and then keeps pounding away.What do you think your table image will be to those opponents who have been observant enough to have noticed how you have played?There is something wrong with my phone.
This may be helpful as a starting point in a live poker game.