photo realistic lotus tattoo

Artist Erik comes to us from Dallas, Texas, where he owns and operates Ace In The Hole Tattoo Studio.
She is the first Female Artist to be licensed.Keep your eyes open for who will be in the studio next.Them staring at your tattoo would not be quite comfortable, would it?You can also notice the three dots above the lotus flower.View davids portfolio, shelly Wahweotten, from Kansas City, Kansas, Shelly is here!The lotus flower blooms in the depths of muddy waters.Foot Lotus Flower Tattoo, side Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo There is something charming about making your tattoo and your lotus flower different from the others.As a tattoo design, a lotus flower symbolizes purity and harmony and depicts the thoughts of the wearer of the tattoo. We bring you the highest caliber artists, in the cleanest environment, at a fair price.Big, detailed tattoo designs are indeed beautiful and will definitely capture everyones attention.Every Tattoo at Purple Lotus is a custom designed work of Art, NO " Flash" here, you will never have that terrible experience of seeing your " Flash" Tattoo on another person.

If you have several designs that you like, you may combine them together.Keep reading to see some amazing lotus flower tattoo designs, as well as their mysterious meanings.Adorable Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo.Dreamcatcher Lotus Flower, if you find a certain symbol or a design that you like, you do not always have to stop at that one.Elegant Lotus Flower Tattoo, detailed Back Lotus Flower Tattoo, pink Lotus Flower Tattoo.Now, you may wonder why would anyone want to hide their tattoo?Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo, neck Lotus Flower Tattoo.Imagine that you have to meet your in-laws or your future boss who happen to be very conservative.The same goes for symbols.Specializing in black and grey realism as well as neo-traditional work, Dave has been tattooing professionally since 2000.Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo, a purple lotus usually stands for mysticism, and for that reason has fallen out of use in the Buddhist religion.That is why we have been voted Best of OKC every year since 2006.
Dave Ruiz, originally from El Paso, Texas artist David Ruiz moved here from Dallas, Texas in 2013.
Awarded best in State by the State Paper!

First of all, the lotus flower covers the scars on the hand of this person.