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Women especially feel more threatened when they go out - and kidnappings for ransom are still a threat.
When those who held power in Tripoli refused to give it up in 2014, the newly elected MPs moved to the port of Tobruk, 1,000km (620 miles) away, along with resultado lotería 12 mayo 2018 the old government.
They targeted Chadian opposition forces fighting against the LNA in the south.It was formed in December 2018 and is made of four key militias: the Tripoli Revolutionaries, Abu Salim Central Security Forces, the Nawasi Battalion and the Special Deterrence Forces.This is under the leadership of Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj, an engineer by profession.Towns around Tripoli also have their own militias - one powerful group puntos bono parques is the Tarhuna 7th Brigade, based south-east of the capital.Image copyright Reuters Image caption President Emmanuel Macron (C) has tried to mediate between Prime Minister Sarraj (L) and Gen Haftar (R).With more territory under his control, Gen Haftar may feel he has a stronger hand at any negotiating table.

Image copyright EPA Image caption Misrata's militias have enjoyed success on avatrade bono sin deposito the battle field Tripoli's many militias tend to co-operate but there has been fierce infighting on occasion as their allegiances shift.The oil-rich country, a key departure point for some of the thousands of migrants travelling to Europe, once had one of the highest standards of living in Africa, with free healthcare and free education.France, which has taken on a mediation role, has denied taking sides despite suspicions about its relationship with the general.He helped Col Gaddafi seize power in 1969 before falling out with him in the 1980s and going into exile.Most Western nations back the unity government.He returned amid the uprising against Gaddafi to fight against his former boss - and in the aftermath cast himself as the main opponent of the Islamist militias in eastern Libya.This has now been postponed because of the fighting.
There was no single group in charge of the rebellion.
Militia allegiances often shift out of convenience and with the need to survive.