Online poker sites have made it harder to misclick over the years, though it still happens quite regularly.
The term "misclick" has also been migrated over to the world of live poker.
For example against a big river raise when a player intends to fold his Ace-high hand, in a hurry he accidentally clicks on "Call" and loses a ton of money due to the misclick.
Retrieved from " poker clube rio de janeiro ".Definition, a misclick in online poker refers to a player clicking the wrong action during a hand.For instance, let's say that you wanted to fold pre-flop and accidentally pushed all-in instead - this is a "misclick".2005, Katrin Eismann, Wayne Palmer, Photoshop restoration and retouching, it takes time, dedication, curiosity, and a hint of stubbornness to get past the missteps and misclicks.Flop Turn River Misclick, created by BooG690 on September 2, 2009.If somebody calls them, they might joke about having misclicked, rather than making the obvious mistake that they made.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Example You want to fold, but instead of clicking on the Fold button as intended, you click on the Call button.There is also the "fake misclick" when somebody does something crazy (like pushing in their entire stack pre-flop when they still have a healthy stack and there were no raises in front of them) in an attempt to induce somebody to call their strong holding.Misclicks can cost a lot of money.Due to a temporary loss of attention, a misclick can happen in online poker, simply by clicking the wrong button when its your turn to act.

Other Random Poker Dictionary Entries, return to Poker Dictionary.In live poker, a "misclick" refers to when a player does something stupid - for instance, let's say that they decide to push all-in with a weak holding pre-flop.Poker King play black jack band Blog Articles that mention Misclick: None.Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents.For example, he may raise when he really intended to fold.A misclick can mean big money leaving your stack while playing online poker.Verb edit misclick ( third-person singular simple present misclicks, present participle misclicking, lotería nacional del 15 de mayo simple past and past participle misclicked ) ( computing ) To perform an erroneous click with a computer mouse.What does the term "misclick" mean in the world of poker?Example, i misclick-raised my 72o; luckily, everybody folded.English edit, etymology edit mis- click, noun edit misclick ( plural misclicks ) ( computing ) A click of a computer mouse that is inaccurate and therefore fails to perform the desired action.Your Name, your Email, captcha, comments, this field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.