Gran Premio (Big Prize) A bonus prize divided into two wedges, usually more valuable than a regular Premio.
Contents, original 1990s versions (La ruleta de la fortuna) edit, the casino rio medellin san diego 1990s versions all awarded cash in the previous Spanish currency of the peseta, and the wheel's values were from 5,000 to 100,000 pesetas, with vowels costing 50,000 pesetas.
It hides either a random euro amount from 100 to 600 or any other bonus or penalty.
Panel Misterio (Mystery Puzzle) edit The puzzle has an extra puzzle attached to it (a la the short-lived "Puzzler" round in the.S.Bonus Round, the player with the biggest total spins a wheel containing cash amounts from 1,000 to 25,000, and a car.If no one finds the hidden letter or the one solving it doesn't have the "Super Comodín no one will win the wedge.Todas las Vocales (All the Vowels) When used, all the vowels present on emp jammer slot machine killer the puzzle are revealed for free.Panel del Bienestar (Welfare's Puzzle) Panel de la Palabra edit The puzzle has only one word, and after showing a letter, the board immediately hides it, so only one letter shows at a time.De hecho, Google recibió su primera inversión de 100.000 en agosto de 1998, pagada a Google Inc, cuando en realidad no existía todavía.In this new puzzle, the host gives a question (such as "What's wrong here?Current version's gameplay, the three players each begin the game with a toss-up worth 100.Lo que está claro es que septiembre es el mes de los grandes acontecimientos para la compañía norteamericana, que incluyen el establecimiento de su primer espacio de trabajo en un garaje y la contratación de su primer empleado.This puzzle is somewhat different.The player has to spin up the wedge that says bote, call a correct consonant, and solve the puzzle to win the jackpot.The Free Spin Comodin was awarded automatically but did not carry over to the next round.Version, players are allowed an unlimited number of guesses.Bonus Round edit, the player with the biggest total spins a wheel containing cash amounts.000,.500,.000,.500,.000,.500,.000,.500,.000,.000,.000,.000, and a car.It has a Lose a Turn (pierde turno) and Bankrupt (quiebra).

Players earn it by calling a letter in the puzzle, and can redeem it to keep their turn should they lose.Haz girar la ruleta de la fortuna cada día y obtén recompensas diarias.and a clue appears at the board (such as This is man's best friend ).Solving the puzzle earns extra cash.If two different players get each a wedge, none of them would win it, unless one of them has the wedge "Me Lo Quedo" and steals the other wedge from the other player.Only if the puzzle was solved quicker than expected, a toss-up would be played after it to stall for time, but it wouldn't change the winner.Puzzles edit, unlike the, american version, each puzzle belongs to a given category, as indicated by on-screen transitions.Vowels edit Vowels are worth a flat 50 (100 on early shows and on the "premium" edition in 2011, 25 on November 24, 2017 and must be purchased prior to spinning the wheel.Panel de Internet (Internet Puzzle the player who solves the puzzle wins a computer plus 100.The scoreboards displayed two scores: the current round score on top and the grand total on the bottom.A random four digit amount is revealed prior to the start of the round, and the player that solves the puzzle wins that amount as a bonus.A wedge with a question mark that acts as the Mystery Wedge.It allows the player who uses it to steal the turn to whoever had it and start the puzzle.Necesitas 5 fichas para hacer girar la ruleta de la fortuna.Players earn 100 for each consonant, and can buy vowels for 50, but the catch is that they must solve the puzzle before the clock expires, or they lose all their money and/or prizes.
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