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If Mr Putin hoped to start getting objective information as he was approaching the conference hall he was in precio de guitarra epiphone casino coupe for a disappointment.
It was announced that the "Sochi, a Hospitable City" programme was being finalised.
"We would like to ask you for a favour a journalist from a Sochi newspaper popped up, "come to us more frequently and see how construction is going, how sport facilities are springing up one after another.
"Only one problem left, I suggested, how to spend it?" "Never had any problems there Alexander Zhukov shot back."In short, at the current stage land is being allocated, right?" Mr Putin asked and nobody dared to argue with that.One wonders who it was addressed.These projects are commercially lucrative.Meanwhile Viktor Basargin was enthusiastically telling his listeners not about how the facilities would be built (actually, they were not even on the drawing boards yet) but how they would be used after the Olympics.However, Mr Lukin is active not only as the head of the Paralympic Committee.
At the end of his introductory remarks the Prime Minister recalled the doping scandal at the World Biathlon Championship when three Russian athletes were disqualified, and suggested that important lessons should be drawn from.
Later it sank into me that it would be very difficult to convert it into anything else.

They replied that there was a programme in place to build cottages, but then admitted that it applied to those who have their own houses.After the conference Vladimir Putin visited RIA Novosti juegos gratis para ganar dinero real facebook and Russia Today TV company.After all, bono social de la luz requisitos Mr Potanin started building ahead of others and although his company's activities were recently suspended by the auditing agencies (he claims they have lifted the ban already it was still ahead of all IOC construction schedules.The money will be redistributed among other budget items, Vice Premier in charge of the preparation for the Olympics, Dmitry Kozak, explained later.Unfortunately I saw no other private investors at the conference.I haven't heard anything about it lately.".Of the three facilities said to be completed there are some that I am in charge of and actually they have not been completed Mr Potanin said before leaving)."We tell them that everything will be OK Mr Chernyshenko added cheerfully.The meeting took place at RIA Novosti building, which will house the Olympics's information centre.After the journalists left, the meeting continued for about an hour.Anyway, the great sporting feast the Government was preparing for its people should not be marred by a single tear of an owner of land or a flat which would be erased by the Olympic highway.On one side was Vladimir Putin and on the other - 15-20 Sochi journalists.Everything had to be done through the Organising Committee."But the moment of truth of course will come when the IOC inspects us in May this year."."The needs of Olympstroi are covered with leftovers from last year.".
One thing was still unclear after his speech: why would the bobsleigh track remain just that, a bobsleigh track?
Most probably Mr Putin had in mind the company Basel, which also is in charge of many Olympic facilities and investment committees, as Mr Kozak told the meeting.

Mr Tyagachyov explained that his Committee was not authorised to sign a single contract with the sponsors independently.
"We will be on a lean diet until 2014 he fumed.