In the area of education, he has been invited to address the oecd, the Education Commission of the States, International Council for Gifted Education, ascd (Association of Supervisors and Curriculum Designers, USA National Council of Gifted Education (USA) and the education ministries of various countries.
Lateral thinking, de Bono has a planet name after him and was once tipped as a future king of Australia.
Knowledge is the fuel, then, thinking skill can be equated with driving skill.
Because of this realisation, many schools for the exceptionally gifted are now using Dr de Bonos Thinking programs in a deliberate attempt to avoid the intelligence trap which occurs when a high IQ is not accompanied by effective thinking skills.Now before the e-mails come flooding in with howls of protest (or perhaps delight) at the idea, I had better explain.That is changing, with more companies boning up on his ideas.THE operating skill with which intelligence acts upon experience.Dr de Bono believes that good thinking does not occur naturally.In 1991, Dr de Bono arranged for the incorporation of Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc.If IQ is the innate horsepower of a car and.Edward de Bono Training Pte Ltd is the official Regional Centre overseeing the promotion and conduct.His methods are now widely used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina,.K., Italy, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, The Baltic States, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, China,.S.A, Russia etc.Dr de Bono, born in 1933 in Malta, has been described as the world's best known thinker.The increasingly complicated future will undoubtedly challenge anyone to come up with clear and constructive thinking: making decisions, making choices, taking initiatives and being creative.Eli Lilly Company Ltd is using Six Thinking Hats to improve its pharmaceutical research and the National Audit Office, those financial forensic experts who forage into the government's affairs, are planning to get their top auditors to put their thinking caps.He is also the designer of the CoRT Thinking Programme for schools, which is the most widely used programme internationally for the direct teaching of thinking as a curriculum subject.I must admit that when I heard the title, the thought of some of the world's leading executives donning silly hats brought a smile to my face.
It is from this serious base that he has designed his methodologies and tools for thinking.

UK companies have been slower in the uptake of his methods than businesses in the US or Australia.Dr de Bono is the originator of the term lateral thinking which is now officially recognised in the Oxford English Dictionary.DPhil (Oxford PhD (Cambridge MD (Malta) is regarded as the leading authority worldwide in the field of creative and conceptual thinking.Just as that thought crossed my mind Rob shouted defiantly: "The Olympics should have a medal for fourth place." "But they couldn't all get on the podium I blurted out - momentarily forgetting where I was.However, as I learnt more about Dr de Bono's courses, I realised I was actually beginning to enjoy myself - and the whole thing started to make some sort of sense.The Mechanism truco en maquinas tragamonedas of Mind (Viking Penguin 1969), Dr de Bono first described how the nerve networks in the brain behave as a self-organising system.The marriage debate is part of a course called 'Six Thinking Hats'.Pitting their wits, andrew Yates gets some much needed help.Dr Edward de Bono authored the CoRT (Cognitive Research Trust) thinking programme which is the most widely used programme internationally for the direct teaching of thinking in schools.Dr de Bono is so famous that he even has a planet named after him.He was a Rhodes Scholar and had held faculty appointments at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and Harvard.It is reasonable to conclude that CoRT (one of de Bonos thinking programs) has considerable impact on thinking CoRT is straightforward, ingenious, and quite easy to apply.Ivar Giaever Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics.David Perkins Harvard Graduate School of Education.