The End of Innocence (2003) qui traite de son outing, sa carrière de musicien, et de la mort de son amie Joan d'un lymphome non hodgkinien.
Chaz Bono (left) and his girlfriend Shara Blue Mathes posed for a holiday photo on December 24, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.Quand j'ai eu 13 ans, j'ai finalement trouvé un nom pour définir exactement de quelle manière j'étais différent.Bono est né à Los Angeles, Californie, enfant unique de Cher et Sonny Bono du duo pop Sonny Cher, stars de la TV d'une chaîne de divertissement dans laquelle le jeune enfant apparait souvent.When he looks at Chastity being held in Sonny's arms in clips from the gmc grand casino old TV show, he can't identity with the little blond girl in frilly dresses.Les divergences concernant leurs opinions politiques les ont séparés, et ils ne s'étaient plus parlé depuis plus d'un an avant l'accident fatal de ski de Sonny, en janvier 1998.En avril 1995, Bono a fait son coming-out en tant que lesbienne dans une interview de The Advocate, un magazine gay et lesbien.A b c et d (en) Lydia Marcus, «Interview with Chastity Bono AfterEllen, ( lire en ligne ).Chaz's gender transition has been featured in television documentary becoming Chaz, which appeared on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network and also in his book Transition, which details his process of self discovery.'You never had to see me on drugs and my Mom, Dad and brother loved you all they possibly could until I was healthy again.She became addicted to drugs for a decade and spent much of her apuestas combinadas bwin time watching television, focusing on shows such as "Touched by an Angel" and believing the characters were more her friends than the real people whom she'd shut out of her life.She recently revealed a dark time when drug addiction led to her being unable to care for her son Cooper for two years.En 1995, plusieurs années après avoir été outé en tant que lesbienne par la presse tabloid, il s'est publiquement auto-identifié comme telle dans un magazine mensuel gay américain, The Advocate.Instead, much of the focus is on the"dian life and issues of a transgender man in a long-term relationship with a supportive woman, who has her own demons to deal with: juegos casino gratis tragamonedas sin descargar The decision to have her breasts removed and begin hormone therapy become.
Dans, entertainment Tonight (juin 2009 il a expliqué que sa transition avait commencé un an avant.

That is so important to them.Shara Blue Mathes (right) posted this photo 'all hot and leathered up' with her boyfriend Chaz Bono (left) at a Hallowe'en party in Los Angeles hosted by actor Colton Haynes.In other words, changing genders is not for sissies.(en) «Chastity Bono Undergoing Gender Change m, ( lire en ligne ).A b et c "Chaz Bono June 1516, 2009, Entertainment Tonight.Les autres membres étaient Steve March Tormé (chœur Heidi Shink.k.a.Mathes and Bono also traveled earlier this month to New York where 'The Cher Show' musical is playing.In a facebook post on December 30, 2018, Shara Blue Mathes wishes her son Cooper a happy 18th birthday but describes how drugs led to her being unable to care for him for two years.'By the time I finally did this, I did think we were at a point where people could accept it says Chaz.They are delighted Chaz has found someone who makes him happy.'.I seem to repel women I am attracted to, he said in 2015.
Le groupe comprenait Bono en chant, guitare acoustique, et percussion.
A et b (en) «Chaz Bono granted gender and name change Fox News Channel, ( lire en ligne ) «Chaz Bono Documentary To Debut on OWN Access Hollywood Celebrity News, Photos Videos», Access Hollywood (consulté le 14 novembre 2011).