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Many players are scared of poker math.
Find out the other 3 in this article.
So 32 3226.5). How often does your 50 call have to win the now 150 pot to break-even?For example, a 1/2 pot bluff bet needs to work 33 of the time to break-even:.5 / (.5 1).5/1.5.In poker we are constantly focusing on risk and reward, even if youve never visualized it like this.So, if you win over 25 of the time then its a EV call, but less than 25 and its a -EV call.BE 50 / (50 150) 50/200.Make your next session the best one yet!By raising to 32 our risk is 32, and the reward is the pot size before we make our raiseor.5.If it works less then it is -EV and if it works more then its.Ultimate Poker Resource Guide free.In the case of calling opponents bets, you can assess (through hand reading, assigning a range and considering the board) whether your hand will win beyond that break-even point to determine whether a call is in order. How often does this 150 bluff raise have to work to break-even?
If he folds less than 33, then your bet is -EV and is costing you money.
For example, your opponent bets 50 into the 100 pot, making the pot now 150.

But this hand has very few outs and thus well treat it closer to pure bluff to simplify things.In this video Ill show you how to figure out the breakeven percentage of certain playsand of course why itll help you at the tables!And What About Calling Bets?Poker math can seem very complex, but with some basic knowledge and practice it can become very easy.If he folds more than 38 of the time this bet is outright. If you are the reading juegos gratis de tragamonedas virtual type feel free to read the entire script down below, but either way youll know how to solve for the breakeven and put some math behind your bluffs! A very beneficial poker math calculation is the Break-even.Its a very simple formula: Table of Contents, bE Risk / (Risk Current Pot).One last thing that I want to say here is that you should memorize some of these breakeven percentages.The good news, if you are a math nerd like me, is that the formula is incredibly simple: Even if you arent a math nerd, thats a pretty easy formula to remember.The break-even math for bluff raises works the same way and uses the same formula above. This takes a ton of off-the-felt practice, but by doing hand history reviews, putting your opponents on ranges and assessing how these ranges hit different flops you can estimate how strong your opponents holdings are and estimate how often hes folding.Of course, figuring out if villain will actually fold enough is another skill set all togetherbut juegos de maquinas tragamonedas gratis sin descargar con bonus strengthening the math part of your game is never a bad thing!(Turn the video to 720p and sub for more poker videos hello, and welcome to todays Quick Plays video on breakeven poker math.What About Bluff Raises?Every bet you make risks money, and you are making those bets in order to win the rewardorwhats in the pot.