Kurt Angle Runners-up: 1Batista.
Runners-up: 1King Kong Bundy, 2Scott Armstrong, 3Arn Anderson 1982: Brad Armstrong Runners-up: 1Tiger Mask, 2Mike Rotundo, 3Kamala 1981: David Sammartino Runners-up: 1Brad Rheingans, 2Curt Hennig, 3Ron Richie 1980: Terry Taylor Runners-up: 1Barry Windham, 2Rick McGraw, 3Tom Prichard 1979: Sweet Brown Sugar Runners-up: 1Steve Travis, 2Bryan.
Superstar Graham, 2Andre the Giant.
Christopher Daniels, 2Eddie Guerrero.John Cena Runners-up: 1The Undertaker.The Heavenly Bodies, 2Rick Rude.Slaughter, 2Charlie Cook, 3Tito Santana 1980: Tony Atlas Runners-up: 1Larry Zbyszko, 2Ted DiBiase, 3Kerry Von Erich 1979: Tommy Rich Runners-up: 1Eddy Mansfield, 2Kevin Von Erich, 3Ted DiBiase 1978: Dino Bravo Runners-up: 1Bob Backlund, 2Rick Steamboat, 3Tony Atlas return to top feud OF THE year 2018.In July 2015, Windham was casino slot games wolf run named as a defendant in a 2015 lawsuit filed by WWE after they received a letter from him indicating that he intended to sue them for concussion -based injuries sustained during his tenure with them.
Flash 2008: Joe Hennig Runners-up: 1Brett DiBiase, 2Ricky Steamboat., 3Ryan McBride 2007: Hornswoggle Runners-up: 1Ted DiBiase., 2Pelle Primeau, 3Mike DiBiase 2006: The Boogeyman Runners-up: 1Charles Evans, 2Akebono, 3Cody Runnels 2005: Bobby Lashley Runners-up: 1Christy Hemme, 2Mikey Batts, 3Ken Doane 2004: Monty Brown Runners-up.
Billed as being 6' 9" and over 300 pounds, Windham was a rawboned cowboy in the vein of Bobby Duncum or Stan Hansen.

Retrieved November 27, 2015.Mulligan returned to the WWF as a full-time performer in 1984, hosting an interview segment titled Blackjack 's Barbecue on WWF All-Star Wrestling, the counterpart to Roddy Piper 's Piper's Pit.World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and they were signed to a contract in mid-1993.Jerry Lawler Runners-up: 1Rick Rude.Papa Shango, 3Rick Rude.4 In 2007, Windham published his book titled True Lies and Alibis, which tells about his personal life and his professional wrestling career.The Rock Runners-up: 1Triple-H.Terry Funk Runners-up: 1Hulk Hogan.Triple-H, 3Team 3-D.While in PPW, Horne teamed up with Deon Harlem to form the tag team The Regulators.
Eddie Gilbert 1990: Hulk Hogan.