Kids will travel the world with the puppies.
The puppies were always, always going to be pugs.
We recently spoke with Williams (pictured below right who also serves as consulting producer and writer, as well as the voice of casino poker online governor Bob; and executive producer Sean Coyle (pictured below left) (.I feel like goofy, silly words resonate with people and stick in their heads.Saturday Night Live ) as Esther Exposition, the dogs neighbor.We had an actress who had to play a pigshe actually had to play two different pigs in one episode, Coyle details, and he recalls her asking whether a snort should sound happy or best online casinos with paypal sad.Creator Harland Williams was the devoted owner to his own puppy dog pals, Captain Chili Dog (a Chihuahua) and Fisherman Bob (a rare Korean Jindo and Coyle has owned a number of rescue dogs, as well.One of the things that I always try to bring to the table is wordplay, or made-up words that people havent heard beforeor havent heard in a certain order, he says.Episodes are set in Italy, England, Paris, and China, to name just a few of the locales the globetrotting dogs will visit.Theres a lot of humor.By Beth Deitchman, if youre a dog lover, youre going to love Disney Juniors new animated series.Were having a ton of fun making.The cuddly canines have a devoted owner in Bob, and Williams says that Bingo and Rolly spice up his life.

First and foremost, Puppy Dog Pals is about friendship and family.Were hoping it appeals to viewers from age 2 to 85, and that older siblings, parents, and grandparents will have fun watching this as well.In addition to the Bob, the puppies family includes a cat named Hissy.The stories contain messages about friendship, creativity, problem-solving, togetherness, and adventure, designed for younger kids, but Coylea father of two young children himselfthinks that the rest of the family will watch right alongside them.Coyle explains, When we started to define the characters of Bingo and Rolly, we wanted to treat them as if they were 4-year-old kids, and it was important that we presented their detective work through the eyes of a 3- or 4-year-old.Mona Lisa goes missing, and Bingo and Rolly deduce that the greatest painting in the world must be hanging on the greatest wall in the worldso the puppies figure out that they need to go to the Great Wall of China to look for the.For example, we have an episode coming up later in the season where the.Disney told me they really wanted to tap the comedy vibe of the show, Williams says, and hes brought some of the elements fans love hearing in his standup comedy to the new series.Family Guy ) as Captain Dog, star of the puppies favorite TV show; Jack McBrayer ( 30 Rock ) as Hedgie the Hedgehog; and Cheri Oteri (.Bingo and Rolly are actually based on human puppies, or, as theyre more widely known, kids!They think of him as the Bob.